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Feedback from our comunity

If you ever have any questions or just want to say "Hi" do not hesitate to write to us and e-mail at

Khan Yeh - Testimonial.jpg

“These quarter inch emitters are very easy to use and seem very solidly constructed. I love the easy adjustability of the output (see images), although this will vary with your water pressure and how many emitters you have on a single line

(I got more than a 1 foot spread on mine). I especially love the extra long spike that keeps the emitter in place where you want it. The fitting works perfectly with both my two different quarter inch drip irrigation tubings.”

”Works great and I love that they include the fittings. One less thing to buy. I've had a couple of broken ones but they can still be used just not a full spray. I plan to use the duds in small pots. I've used about 60 of them so far. I've also gotten about 12-14 per line with a 25psi and 50 psi setting. My plants and fruit trees will love it. And I'm loving the time saved. Thank you!”

2020_10_15 Amazon - 0157.jpg

“These are a good quality drip irrigation heads! Great quality, solid material for your garden or vegetable beds. You will see that it fits the 1/4 inch pipes and you will see it works perfectly! The price is great and very competitive and it was also very easy to setup and install! Very self explanatory!

I would get some more!”

”I really like these 360 degree sprayers. I put in an above ground garden. These are fully adjustable and whether the sprinkler is in a 10 inch pot or a 24 inch pot, I can adjust it however I want. I was going to do flag droppers, but this works better as I add more plants to a pot. Great adjustability. The stakes are strong also. No breakage and they all work. Now I'm set up to water 2-3 times a day as we're already at 95F mid-April.”

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