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DRIP IRRIGATION KIT | Product description

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Feedback from our comunity

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“Really happy with this drip system. We actually liked it enough that we brought a second system for another part of our yard. Specifically liked that splicing the main hose to add offshoots was particularly easy, and the connection pieces were useful in spreading water throughout the garden. I also like the ability to adjust the amount of water the vortex and sprinkler heads produce as some plants need a lot of water and others just need a steady drip. Overall really liked this product and am happy to have bought it.

“I really liked how easy it was to work with the tubing after warming it up in the sun! I didn’t have to worry about it snarling or kinking at all, and there was enough tubing to run the entire length of my raised bed AND all my surrounding grow bags. I’ve only had this system now for a few weeks, but it has really cut down in the time it takes me to water everything in the morning! This system has honestly been the only thing getting me to work on time now.The one thing I’ll say is to make sure you don’t lose the little hole punching tool! I used mine for the first half of the bed and it was a breeze to install. I lost it outside that night (blaming the wildlife) and had to use a knife for the remaining install. It definitely takes longer using a knife and trying to make sure the hole is big enough but not too big for each connector.The company has been so responsive with all my questions and helping me make sure I have all the equipment I need! Would 100% recommend this product.”

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”This system comes in a well organized and labeled box, and is easy to figure out. The connectors and splitters are simple to use, though the 1/4 tubing can be a bit difficult to attach right out of the box. I found it was a little easier to leave it out in the sun to soften so it was slightly more flexible when trying to connect it to the emitters.

The tubing is flexible enough to maneuver easily around corners but feels sturdy enough to last for a while. I was able to set up 6 4’x4’ raised garden beds with the supplies in this kit. I especially like the 3/8” adapters that screw on and off because it gives a very secure connection and makes it simple to split off the 1/4” tubing for individual emitters.”

”This was the best thing I ever bought. I have a ton of potted plants on my porch and in the summer I have to water everything twice a day. Now everything gets watered on a timer and I never have to worry about my plants on vacation.”

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”Wow just wow!!! The Carpathen irrigation kit was perfect for my small space container garden. It has cut down on my watering by at least 45mins. Being a busy mom and passionate gardener this system has made my mornings so much easier. I can water my plants and make breakfast with out putting one task before the other! Definitely makes multitasking that much easier!”

” I’m using my Carpathen Drip Irrigation System in a 300+ sqft open landscaped bed in Houston,Tx. This bed has plants in different growth stages and unique water requirements- fig, berries, citrus, and seasonal flowers. One system was enough to cover the whole space with enough left over for later customizations or irrigating another medium size bed.

This has cut down my hands on watering time from 45+min to under 5min, mostly due to reeling my hose out and hooking it up.
My main con is that the black hoses stand out against my brown mulch and I don’t want to dig them in. Also, I would technically call this a sprinkler but there is much more flexibility and water-saving capacity here than with the sprinklers I grew up with.
- No plastic packaging!
- Each emitters is adjustable to control water output
- Included instructions are detailed and did not overwhelm me (I’m a complete irrigation-setup newbie)
- The bundle variety took the uncertainty out of knowing what type of emitters, joins, hose lengths, ect., you need.

I am very happy with the product and am looking forward to the extra time it saves me in the heat of summer!”

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