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DRIP IRRIGATION TUBING 1/4 | Product description

Feedback from our comunity

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 ”I like the feel and flexibility of this irrigation hose. It is soft enough so the inserting barbed fittings is not too difficult but it holds the fittings snug and firm. If you are price shopping keep in mind this roll of tubing is actually 120 feet rather than the advertised 100 feet. The tubing is already quite competitively priced but with 20% extra tube it becomes a pretty good bargain.”

”I’ve run a lot of irrigation line, and this

is certainly superior quality.

If you’re going to put in a drip line, spend a few extra bucks and get the stuff that will last. It also fits over the emitters because it is strong and supple.

You’ll save both time and frustration!”

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”The original drip irrigation kit from Carpathen came with many extra parts, so I got this 1/4 inch tube and built a second drip line with those parts. I was curious how well it would work in the elevated raised bed. It is amazing! I'm using about half strength of the water pressure, so it doesn't hit the worm bin in the middle or leaks outside the raised bed. I also adjusted the emitters to drip in a smaller radius (although they are able to cover much large area). The water pressure works really well, even to the last emitter. Excellent value and great quality! And really easy to install with the original kit!”

”I run with about 50 buckets in my backyard and watering them has been an absolute nightmare. I waste thousands of gallons of water each year, not to mention getting water all over the foliage and overwatering in most cases.

This is an amazing value on drip hose and the quality is top-notch compared to the others I have seen. 

So far I am extremely hopeful thanks to the

quality in workmanship as well as the attention

to customer service they have.

For this price, I feel dumb for not setting this up sooner.”

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