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Pellet Tube

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“I like my smoked meats to be very smokey and the only way to do that in my Traeger is to supplement with a smoke tube. Its well constructed and even comes with a storage bag. Comes with instructions to break it in and a full tube of pellets lasted me 3 hours of smoke time. It does require a bernzomatic or similar burner to ignite. You don't need to fill up the tube all the way to light. I can fill it half way for shorter smokes, like for burgers, and still works great. Just need to make sure you can stick your bernzomatic far enough down the half filled smoke tube to light the pellets.

Highly recommend.”

“Works perfectly with Camp Chef Applewood pellets.
You do need a gas torch to light them up - a standard BBQ lighter won't do. And I don't recommend adding any fire starter cube or fluid as it might add foul smells.
Succesfully smoked a bunch of cheese in my grill
Tube in the bottom, a deep try full of ice over the Smoking Stone and cheese on top.
Left the middle ring out so i could

add more ice during smoking.
Here in Texas you need the ice so the chees won't melt (too much).”


”I love the tube smoker and I use it on my gas grill! I’ve been a vegetarian now for 2 years and it didn’t make sense to keep my big smoker grill and I didn’t want to use charcoal anymore. I mainly cold smoke. Everything from butter, almonds and all veggies. I also make my own veggie burgers that I cold smoke and later grill or pan fry. It’s super easy to use.”

”WOW!!! This tube is so great, I ended up buying another one. It is so versatile and super easy to use, what a great invention. No need for a fancy expensive smoker, and in fact, I use this in one of my smokers instead of using the smoker as its intended. Puts out an unbelievable amount of smoke for about 4 hours. Its not intended much for heat, so is perfect for cold smoking cheese or add to any regular grill to add smoke flavor while using the grill for the heat.

I also decided to buy this rectangle version over the round so it has no chance of rolling around, and am glad I did. This is also made of heavy gauge metal, thinking stainless steel, so I for see it lasting a very long time. I bought a second one just for the reason of being able to continue an uninterrupted smoke over 4 hours if needed. Just get the second one going before the first one burns out and perfect


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