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Feedback from our comunity

If you ever have any questions or just want to say "Hi" do not hesitate to write to us and e-mail at

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”Excellent value. Allows to control how much water comes out of each drip. Great for containers. Easy to put together.”

”I was on the hunt for a new watering system for my pollinator garden and stumbled across this system on Instagram. I was shocked/excited when the system came in the mail the NEXT day! I originally planned to set up the system with my husband, but couldn’t wait any longer so I decided to tackle the project on my own. As someone who is not patient or good at assembling products, this was 10/10 easy to set up, assemble, and use. It took me no time to set up and shorty after, my garden was watered. My flowers are happy, and so are the pollinators. I can also enjoy my coffee in the garden without having to manually water my flowers!”

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“This irrigation setup was so perfect for all the potted plants on my patio! I’ve struggled a lot the last couple years with extremely hot and dry summers here in Oklahoma so this setup was a serious help. Having a setup that I can set on an automatic* watering schedule early every morning gives me a lot more security in case I miss an alarm for hand watering. The coverage of both the 360 and vortex emitter heads are awesome, so I get the pots evenly watered every time. I will never go back to hand watering!”

“This is our second kit from Carpathen. The first kit literally saved our newly planted trees during the Texas heat. We needed a kit for potted tomato plants. This kit is fantastic! We love that you can dial in (per individual plant) how much water you want. Install is intuitive. Pro-tip: Make sure the spray heads are turned down before opening water spout for the first time. Kit was well packaged and has quite a bit of tubing, fittings, and spray heads.”

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DISP Review #5.png

”What a time saver! I love this drip hose. It us perfect for my raised bed! I hooked it up to our automatic timer and now my garden does the work for me. Drip hose has been my go to for years now and this one in particular is my new favorite. It was easy to set up and and materials are quality. Definitely recommend to any gardener looking to work smarter not harder!”

”The system was very easy to set up and use + the instructions and video were so helpful!
My potted plants are happy + 1 can save so much time and money now.
Appreciate a lot the eco-friendly packaging too - you can compost it but I chose to use it as a storage box for my seeds.

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