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“When I first saw these roasting sticks I was SO excited!! We’ve used sticks of course, and a few other roasting sticks/forks and none were as thought out and amazing as these! The attention to detail is amazing - like the different color indicators so everyone has their own, avoiding the normal confusion of “which one is mine again?”; these are not only longer than others but I’ve never seen a set with six sticks!”

”S’mores Tested, Kid Approved!

These campfire roasting sticks were a massive hit with a few of my nephews when making s’mores. To be able to roast two marshmallows at a time on a stick that extended AND rotated at the handle was in a word: amazing.
After making multiple rounds of s’mores, the sticky ends cleaned easily with soap, water, and a light scrub. I really like that each stick comes with red protective caps for the pointed tips and there is a carrying bag for all of the sticks. The bag made keeping the sticks together easy for me. The red tips made keeping the nephews safe from each other when they weren’t roasting marshmallows.
I cannot wait to try roasting hot dogs with these sticks.”


”Camping trip MUST HAVE!

We love these! They are heavy-duty, but easy to hold and control. They are a great length for sitting at the campfire and roasting sausages or marshmallows, and they have a neat little spinner on there so that you can rotate with just your fingers. Love them and think they'd make a great gift for any campers in your life.”

“I love these roasting sticks. They are really sturdy. They are made really well. I like that they extend to 34". The best part is the color wheel which has two features. The first is that they are different colors so everyone can tell which roasting stick is theirs by the color. The second feature is that you can turn the color wheel with your thumb and it will turn the stick as you are roasting your marshmallow, hot dog, etc.

The bag it comes in to hold the sticks is great and each roasting stick has little red caps to keep on while you are NOT roasting because the points are sharp which they should be. Also, there is also a little bag with extra red caps just in case you may lose some caps.

I bought one 6 pack and love them so much I bought another 6 pack. I believe you will be happy with these roasting sticks.”

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