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Feedback from our comunity

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“These emitters are super easy to set up and I really like the adjustability. No need to buy multiple types of emitters for different flow rates, these are easy to change the spray area to adjust as needed for different plants. I love having my flowerbed on a timer with this irrigation system so I don’t have to worry about watering all the time. I also prefer this type of emitter because you can unscrew the top to clean if any dirt or debris gets into the irrigation lines.

”This spring is going to be so full of color and will not require a lot of my time watering. I have multiple flower beds and even more vegetable beds so watering has consumed quite a bit of time. Now, because of  these sprinkler heads, I can spend more time playing in the dirt, adding to the flower beds and saving water at the same time.”

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 ”I loved the emitters! I was so surprised at how much you can adjust them! They can cover such a wide area if you choose or a small area if you’d like. 4 emitters nearly waters my 10ft by 4ft bed! I was shocked! Also the pricing on them is great! It’s honestly a great value!”

”Compared to drip emitters, one nice thing about these is you can actually see how much water is coming out. Also, you can adjust the flow rate simply by turning the green head. Finally, because they spray water up to 12-18 inches from the base, you can water a larger area than with drip emitters. These are great.”

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