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DRIP IRRIGATION TUBING 5/16 | Product description

Feedback from our comunity

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”I recently purchased a drip irrigation system from Carpathen and realized after delivery that I had miscalculated the length of 5/16 inch mainline tubing needed for my project. The irrigation kit came with 60 feet (as advertised) and in reality I needed close to 100 feet. Since I could not find the needed tubing on Amazon I contacted the seller’s customer service team and they were immediately responsive and directed me to a brand new listing that enabled me to get this 100 foot roll of mainline tubing.

The tubing came well packaged and worked perfectly

for my irrigation project.

The quality of the product itself is excellent and the seller’s customer service team (specifically Clara) are outstanding.

You will not be disappointed with this product.”

”So easy to work with and very durable. I got the carpathen kit and I like it, so continuing to expand my system using the carpathen products when I can.

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 ”This drip irrigation system really helped with

watering my tomato garden.
It’s easy to install and it’s flexible design allowed me to reach areas perilously not reached by my current sprinkler system.
Carpathen’s attachments made this system even better!
I definitely recommend this to those interested in trying out drip irrigation!”

”The 100 ft tubing was more than enough to reach from my kitchen sink to patio. Does not kink easily and it durable enough to run under my patio door to the garden!

I'm very please!”

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