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 ”As spring time garden prep comes into full swing, we are thrilled to have this sprinkler system! It rotates 360 degrees and covers 1200 square feet!! I love that unlike a traditional sprinkler, it doesn’t leave puddles because of the spinning motion. 💦
My husband really likes that each of the three prongs adjust so you can water plants that are low or high or both. 🌱 There are many different settings and several hose attachments to make it easy to connect to various hose types.
Another fun use: as it gets hotter outside, our 7 kids will have plenty of room to spread out and enjoy getting wet if they wanted to play in the sprinkler! 😜
This is a great sprinkler design that I am using in my garden, my flower beds and even in our large back field. 🌻”

”This is my second item from Carpathen. And it didn’t disappoint. The sprinkler came with some quick connect fittings and a hook anchor. I LOVE the fittings! The sprinkler throws water for a great distance, blanketing everything in between. As an added bonus, my doggo absolutely loved chasing the water. So free exercise!”


 ” This lawn sprinkler is excellent for a large area. It reached 10-15 feet with the lowest water pressure. It'll cover my front yard so well. It took me just a minute to set it up (it has standard hose fittings, so I basically just attached it to my hose and turned it on). It is so much excitement for dogs and kids since it reaches a wide diameter!”

”This is our second summer in our home. We wanted to finally repair our lumpy yard and dead grass. Our sprinkler system uses a lot of water, doesn’t cover our yard well and some of the sprinkler heads needed to be replaced.

We looked for other solutions when a friend recommended Carpathen. We figured we would try it out with

one sprinkler head to start with.

I love that it comes with just about any accessory I could need so I don’t have to make more trips to the store. It’s easy to control the water coverage, simple to use and helps me feel more in control of our water usage.”